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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Things I love Thursday

Last night 3 of my closest friends and I went out with the intention of getting pretty drunk because exams are finally over! Today I proceeded to make a new album on Facebook because my 'university' album had nearly 200 photos. I love photos so this made me happy.

Most people have gone home so the flat I live in has fewer and fewer housemates except for my friends. Perfect!  :

My closest 3! 

Hot chocolate (with cream and chocolate sauce) and a slice of cheesecake. A beautiful combination.

Trying Calamorie for the first time. It actually looks just like a squid here! Charming!

Re-reading Chapter 5 of GalaDarling's Love&Sequins: Finding happiness and making it stay. The entire 'book' is a fun read and filled with inspiration/the motivation to keep going with 'positive thinking'. Advice from GalaDarling HQ: "Live in the present moment!" 
It's all you'll ever have and you can manifest good things towards yourself, no matter how worried you are.


Will's mother liking me so much that she bought me a rose tinted lip balm with the attached sentiment of 'tell Madie the lip balm is for her, love your mother'. It's a sweet gesture. Also the exact same balm as in the above picture.

Having a mutual friend that I'm yet to meet (but want to) write on my wall to tell me that when we do (this summer) he predicts we'll get along like a house on fire (weird phrase?).

Finally watching American Beauty - it was so good! For ages I've had the DVD but not taken it out of the case for fears it'd depress me but actually it's very clever and I loved it.

Volunteering for Barnados in Blackpool and discovering how many cool shops there are! I need to make sight-seeing plans for the summer...

Applying for jobs in the hope that I won't be in my overdraft for too long and receiving parcels with both food and money from my parents! Plus a letter -who doesn't love receiving letters?

                     Have a wondrous week y'all!

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