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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Things I Love Thursday

(Everything I've recently been grateful about in a nutshell - give it a try)!

£5.20 chocolate party cake! There was no party, just two chocolate loving people who ate it over three days. Guilty? Not even a little bit!

I had job interview and it went really well! It was my first interview in years so I prepared myself well by doing my research, looking smart and putting my small talk on to everybody I met along the way. In the grip of adolescence I was shy & visibly nervous but since starting my twenties (a few months ago) I appear to have turned over a new leaf. Confidence was key and it worked because she said 4 times she's certain I've been successful. Afterwards I was on a high for the rest of the day. 

As it's the end of term at university we had Student Union organised parties to celebrate. It was essentially fresher week but in the summer so you know who you want to spend time with and where you're going. For the first time ever I tried a hog roast (pork, apple sauce and stuffing in a bun) and all of my friends and I dressed up for the theme: The Untied States of Bowland. 
+ I love fancy dress!

I was a hippie, out to end the Vietnam War, against President Nixon and wanting Nuclear Disarmament. 
      Will was a sheriff-cowboy in the style of Clint Eastwood.
Peace and Free Love.

Clint Eastwood, I love your work!
Below we see Rhianna as a Red Indian (watch out for Clint...)
       With Tom as Kirk Hammett/generic US metal head

Sexy Indian outfit!

Exit Light, Enter Niiiight...

All of the other housemates (that weren't exactly my friends) moved out of this flat so until the end of July we have this massive flat all to ourselves. We can leave all of our possessions lying around, play our music loudly and are able to live without fear of judgement from anyone ... *Screams from the rooftops* FREEDOM!

Watching Christmas films early and showing Will some of my favourite films, including Heathers.
"Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling". - How gorgeous, attractive and downright cool is Christian Slater [ full stop] in that film? Every ThinkingGirl wants a James-Dean-Alike killing the vacuous bullies of their high school and then blowing it up, right? Or something like that.

Ordering a laptop in a pretty red colour that will have a webcam for me to indulge myself with singing and photo-taking activities. I'm usually shy of spending large amounts of money but I finally bought my own laptop and it should be arriving soon. The Sims 3 here I come!

Smaller things I am grateful for include the following little list: 

  • Pretty rain pouring down while I'm inside the library.
  • Having cups of tea made for me when I feel unwell.
  • Cooking with other people and eating amazing curry. (<3 Indian food)
  • My hair starting to turn brunette already...not long now! (Ahem...)
  • Cheap chocolate and coke from the Spar. Easily pleased? Perhaps.
  • Talking to my best friends.
  • Recording my singing on Audacity to find out it actually sounded pretty good!
  • Leaving nice notes to make people smile 

Have a wonderful week!

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