"In this fucked up world all you can hope for is change, and I'd rather be a hypocrite to you now than a zombie forever."

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Do you look like a good person?

If you concentrate on your character,your reputation will look after itself.

Socrates and Robin Hood. Two legends of history that are cited for their goodness, for their belief in justice, fairness and equality. Neither of them are noted for their obsession with merely appearing good or noble because they needn't have been: their actions were enough. Of course, they weren't saintly and are likely to have cared quite a bit about how they were perceived - what human being isn't? But they did not achieve greatness through superficiality - instead they endeavoured to act with the noblest of intentions, so proved their capacity for great thought and morality to all of history. The practice of sycophantic words and constant appeasement of others hasn't granted anybody true happiness or goodness, and does not create a fulfilling life for us all. It is possible preferable to gain popularity by being true to yourself and others (or as close as possible, since none of us are faultless).

If only so many people didn't earn the label of being a 'good person' by relying on the density of their words or innate desire to be liked and were instead judged upon the warmth of their heart & purity of thought. Everybody, including you, is worthy of so much more than living life with the constant worry of what others think about them. Moreover, most people can't be judged upon appearances anyhow... despite the fact we're given ideological messages that it's 'human nature' to do just that. Labelling things as 'human nature' is a lazy journalism that engenders ignorance of the good in other people and encourages us to act out of fear and not faith. You are not just a product of 'human nature' - we are all evolved human beings who think and feel so each person's thoughts and feelings are important, no matter what their identity is. It's not 'human nature' to talk snidely to/about others or to use people as a stepping stone for your personal gain. It's 'human nature' to have empathetic opinions that you want to fight for. Our insecurities are dictated to us from every available source - who are also just as lost and as a result, we limit ourselves and judge others in order to feel marginally better about who we are.
That's ridiculous. You do not need self-pity; you need self-respect and self-love.

Everybody has the potential to be wonderful from the core, including both your friends and foes. All of us are 'good people' but some choose to be more than others, despite appearances to the contrary. Take responsibility for your existence. Think about how others feel, care about what happens to yourself and those around you, stand up for what is wrong because you will be respected for it. It's unimportant to be seen as a 'good person' but imperative to Think and Act with goodwill and empathy. Treating people fairly and being pleasant with people are not always the same thing and it shouldn't be so cool to hate when we could all be spreading the love.