"In this fucked up world all you can hope for is change, and I'd rather be a hypocrite to you now than a zombie forever."

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Things I lalalalaLove Thursday

Some more gratitude coming up :).

 I love the fact I've started revision for my (SCARY!) exam that is in June because it means I'll be more prepared and I'm sort of enjoying it. Even if I am going slowly.

Yesterday I had a double chocolate gateau for the first time in years and it was beautiful.

Until today it has been all sunshine and joy in Lancaster! Amazing.

Having days like this:

The fact that Will is finally performing his stand-up comedy routine at the bar tonight and I am so excited to see it!

Receiving a parcel from my parents that contains new clothes and food. <3

The very thought of drinking whiskey later.

Writing in my tiny black book because it's cute and makes me feel official.

Having a finally-updated CV that I can dispense to all of those people who are desperate to employ me but just don't know it yet

My new £1k overdraft that enables me to stay here for a little longer and the friendly woman in the bank who I had a nice conversation with.

Times like this:

Smiling and enjoying everything.

Love to all.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Things I Love Thursday!

Things I love thursday puts some much needed gratitude into your day and is something I recommend to you!
Be it online, using pen and paper or by a typewriter, you should write down all of the things that have made you smile since last Thursday and re-read them to yourself to prove how awesome life really is.

I love having a clean room! It's a novelty to me, honestly. Since I moved into this little room in university I have been partially living out of a suitcase (purely because I have far too many clothes...) and until Monday, the floor had not met it's friend Hoover. But finally cleaning it felt so good! And I am 10x more motivated for this degree malarky as a result.

 50p Coke at the local campus bar. 'Bar coke' with ice&lime is a beautiful thing, especially when it costs half a pound coin.

 Listening to "All I want for christmas is you" while dancing around my room with this guy:

...in the middle of May. Ah, Christmas <3. (We can't be alone because there are millions of "Why am I watching this in May?" comments on the video too)!

Black&white stripey tights! <3 sun, sex and suspicious parents + BBC Four documentaries/history programmes = mixing the entertaining with the intellectual, uni' student style. <3 big blue eye-shadow tricks <3 bumping into friends and new friends in fast food outlets - turning a boring 'can't-be-bothered-to-cook' trip into an unexpected conversation! <3 glow in the dark dinosaurs <3 having flowers picked for me as they sit on my windowsill <3 laptops <3 cooking a mean bolognase <3 phonecalls with my dad where we put the world to rights for a while <3 talking to my best friends from home because an elephant never forgets and I love them so.

 Happily-accidentally indoctrinating my best friend into loving Brett Anderson! As well as reminding myself of his beauty (inner, outer and any-other) via old interviews that my completely-not-sad self hasn't seen a million times before...

Writing creatively because I am inspired and receiving positive feedback :)

 Finding a private invitation to the opening of an exhibition I helped to curate with the Museum of London in my inbox! Fancy.

 BARNEY AND ROBIN GETTING MARRIED! YES!!! t'was fated to be so.

Have a Wonderful Day!