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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Things I lalalalaLove Thursday

Some more gratitude coming up :).

 I love the fact I've started revision for my (SCARY!) exam that is in June because it means I'll be more prepared and I'm sort of enjoying it. Even if I am going slowly.

Yesterday I had a double chocolate gateau for the first time in years and it was beautiful.

Until today it has been all sunshine and joy in Lancaster! Amazing.

Having days like this:

The fact that Will is finally performing his stand-up comedy routine at the bar tonight and I am so excited to see it!

Receiving a parcel from my parents that contains new clothes and food. <3

The very thought of drinking whiskey later.

Writing in my tiny black book because it's cute and makes me feel official.

Having a finally-updated CV that I can dispense to all of those people who are desperate to employ me but just don't know it yet

My new £1k overdraft that enables me to stay here for a little longer and the friendly woman in the bank who I had a nice conversation with.

Times like this:

Smiling and enjoying everything.

Love to all.

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