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Friday, 1 June 2012

Laughter therapy - it's so important.

Last night one of my close friends Will performed a stand-up comedy routine in our local campus bar as part of the comedy night. It was a really proud moment for me and my other two comrades (Tom & Rhianna) because we had a "that's our boy!" feeling. And he was so good! Full of confidence and Russell Brand vocabulary.

Here's my homeslice Will & I :

He's a handsome devil.

It got me thinking of how powerful laughter as medicine and reminded me that when people tell you to laugh as much as you can, you really should. Everybody likes somebody who smiles all the time, or the constantly cheery co-worker who is insanely happy in a dull job. It breeds happiness and we enjoy it but I can't help but think people don't do enough of it.

So today, along with revision, I will indulge in some laughter therapy and would like you - Mr/Miss/Mrs Reader - to follow suit!

Love to all.

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