"In this fucked up world all you can hope for is change, and I'd rather be a hypocrite to you now than a zombie forever."

Friday, 19 October 2012

A book about New York. Sort of.

For nigh on 6 months, I've been involved in a tempestuous relationship with a book called 'The Good People Of New York'. What keeps me coming back to it? It's hard to say, especially since the storyline is no epic quest to find the meaning of life or love or religion. Instead, author Thisbe Nissen (cool name right?),  takes the reader on a spy-hole journey through the 'kitchen-sink drama' affairs of protagonist Roz's ordinary life in the big Apple.

Front Cover

To be truthful, Thisbe had me at 'New York'. It's no stereotypical central perk setting but that's a part of its twee charm. I can't say the blurb is particularly enticing, nor is the pace of the story itself, but both are a pleasant read/short snippet of a fantasy world that could well be someone's reality. It's the beauty of the everyday in x number of words.