"In this fucked up world all you can hope for is change, and I'd rather be a hypocrite to you now than a zombie forever."

Monday, 6 June 2011

Why put a Christmas film on now?

Stop teasing me! It's over 7 months until christmas. I KNOW, the tv doesn't need to remind me. It was Home Alone 2: Lost In New York - THE best christmas film.

*Sings* "laaaast christmas...I gave you my heart"

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Things I Love Thursday

The new version of the library. It's easy to use, clear,busy - I love it!

Being free from the bakery :)
...but having a present waiting for me!

My friend emailing me and the prospect of us meeting up and going to the West End. Yesyesyess.

The idea of my sister moving back in for a while so I won't be alone *sadface*


Not bumping into my ex boyfriend! Yay!

Strangers who talk to you and give you sweeties. I forgot you shouldn't accept sweets from a stranger and then half my tooth landed on my tongue...that's today's life lesson huh.

My brother buying a new kettle. The other one broke and we've been using a pan on the cooker for the past 3 days! Despair.
My brother also lent me his earphones as my (L)earphone decided to break a little.

Broken headphones!

My tooth just fell out as I was chewing on a toffee sweet. It was a crown so it's left a little-pointy-metal-thing that I am compulsively touching because it feels interesting.

I'm googling Madonna&SeanPenn because apparently they had a violent marriage that I only became aware of yesterday. Should I be doing this? No, I should be revising but the library is packed and I see no table space so...

Trying to get some volunteering sorted out for summer, I can't wait for this exam to be over!

Also disappointed by GalaDarling's lack of updates since the other day - it's Thursday! Where the TILT?

I wish American Idol was on tonight!