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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Things I love thursday!

It's another Thursday list of all the little&big things that make me appreciate what I have in life, instead of lamenting the things I lack:

I love the fact my brother is helping out with the housework today. Woo!
I love the referendum on the voting system because being allowed an opinion is a direct sign of democracy in action (even though I know the country will vote no!)
I love the Back to the Future t-shirt I'm wearing
I love having today Free!
I love that Thursday not only means 'TILT' but that American Idol will be on itv2! It's such a deliriously happy programme.
I love it when people are in surprisingly good moods.
I love nice customers. Honestly, you should be knighted.
I love knowing I don't have to get up at 4.40am tomorrow morning.
I love the fact that my history coursework is done & dusted!
I love the news that my brother has been accepted to work in Australia for a year! (tinged with a fraction of jealousy!)

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