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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

People think it's cool not to have opinions

(Please excuse my stereotypical blogger tone in the following post but sometimes I can get a bit passionate! See if you agree with anything I mention...)

...Especially young people. It’s much easier to be laid back and sarcastic, to denounce those who actually speak because they’re so very uncool. Some news to those cool kids is that nobody cares about you sitting there with your hands behind your head and your face in a smirk. The people who laugh at your jibes and nod in agreement are as insecure and self-involved as you are and of course, only care about themselves. This isn’t youth exclusive. It happens in all walks of life in all manner of human being and it’s something you’ll face if you actually speak your mind in a society so content with the status quo and life ideals. Nothing is controversial anymore: punk is as common as Chlamydia, pornography has umpteen tv channels dedicated to it’s artistry and gone are the days when a black Jesus could land Madonna in hot water (Lady Gaga, take note). Arguably, the lack of adverse reactions to the aforementioned should be heralded as a signal that as a nation, we’ve all became an open-minded and supportive society. Strangely enough, I think not. The real reason that nothing is controversial is because we’re all so self-centred that all we care about is self-promotion and image: take Gaga releasing a song called Judas just as Easter approaches; what an inconspicuous move. Much to the record label’s dismay…the world wasn’t in despair and life moved on. Why didn't it work? Because nobody wants to be seen as judgemental or ignorant anymore and our lives have become so concerned with ‘self’ that we try to prove how ‘open-minded’ we are by any means necessary: from having ’I have an eclectic music taste’ written on your Facebook page to a producer ensuring there’s a ‘strong black woman’ in every BBC sitcom. People are increasingly hiding behind these apparently compassionate ideals in a shameless attempt at self-promotion without trying to promote a cause. In reality a lot of people still harbour prejudiced thoughts and the pressure people feel to adhere to this new culture is resulting in people complaining of a ‘Politically correct’ society. I’d rather have a morally correct society and people with their own opinions for a change.

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