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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Into the wild!

Well, not quite. But when you're a city girl (London town) and you get into an area in which tractors roam, you're immediately impressed. And a little scared of how big they are in person...

Still, Will and myself venture into the village and climb over the fence after we pass a nazi-esque sign in the previous area saying "No music. No picnics. No skateboarding." We walked across the field and all around were sights of faraway hills and moorhens flying overheard, so we did what anybody our age would do and took these:

Sulk&Smile Face

 Pre-Raphealite model potential?

I had my Lara Croft boots on so I felt pretty badass with a stick in my hand and the breeze in my hair.It was pretty lucky that I put those on today actually because in my trademark heels I probably would've strugged a bit wouldn't I?


We soon stumbled upon a beautiful stream with rocks and low trees. If you ever feel melancholy and you're able to find a river I urge you to watch the motion of the water as it flows - it's so therapeutic and beautiful!

On the way back from our adventures we took a stroll through the forest and cut across the path to the small park where we ran up to the swings with all the excitement of our seven year olds selves.
No matter how old you grow: swings are FUN!

So we played in the empty park and I got to use my Lara Croft boots again on these highly intimidating climbing frames...

All in all it's been a pretty cool day!

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