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Saturday, 19 March 2011


Ever since I saw the video to Aerosmith's Cryin' as a little girl, I've wanted a tattoo. Actually, I've always wanted to be a part of the Aerosmith video trilogy: Crazy, Cryin' and Amazing. Riding around America on motorbike, chasing Josh Holloway down the street because he stole your bag, escaping from school early to go on a mini road trip with your best friend...it all seemed so much more interesting than a usual weekend. I feel I'm deviating from the point of my post: Tattoos!
I love tattoos; to me they instantly add interest to a person. Sure sure, we're all individual and everyone is attractive in their own right but a tattoo sets you apart (unless you're walking around Camden market) as it's an artistic expression that you've painted onto your own body, forever. Like when you scribbled on yourself as a child but this time with a particularly hardcore crayon. As far as I'm aware, most people think they're a symbol for the insecure and the weird but I prefer the terms 'unique' and 'misunderstood'. Men look particularly appealing with them, especially with dark eyes, long hair and a penchant for the 'gothic' look. Oo-er. That's just personal opinion, mind. Either way: tattoos are a winner.
That being said, I'm still unsure of whether to have one. Partially because I'm as indecisive as a pair of scales and partially because of the safety risk - a dodgy needle is all it takes to acquire Hepatitis and I don't really fancy that, if I'm honest.
Design-wise I'm thinking of a simple black rose which I may later have coloured in but probably won't (a prime example of my indecision!). Black's the best tattoo colour isn't it? Red and green are lovely though...
Will I do it? Maybe when I'm at a more exciting period in my life and hopefully off travelling somewhere. On my motorbike,without my handbag, with my best friend clasping my hand as I'm soothed by the music of a classic rock band.


  1. There is a blog I read called Sometimes Sweet that does a Tuesday feature called Tattoo Tuesdays. The link for the blog is www.sometimessweet.com Check it out. I also have a tattoo and always thinking of new ones to get in.


  2. Aw thanks hun. Looks awesome!
    What's your tattoo of? x

  3. I love the crayon analogy!

    I have two tattoos, both done under the most clean conditions imaginable (like a doctor's office, only with James Dean posters instead of anatomy ones). You can research or ask people about clean, decent tattoo places in your area and NEVER EVER let a friend do your tattoo, even if you trust them with your life.