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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What to do this winter to keep yourself happy and helpful

What to do this winter to keep yourself happy and helpful

Go for a walk and smile at every person you come across
Fly a kite. A colourful kite
Write a story: short, long, mid-length
Buy some face paint and wear it for the whole day for no particular reason
Try out a new recipe from a fancy cookbook. Something Jamie Oliver would be proud of
Have at least 3 conversations with different people about the meaning of life
Buy a scrapbook and fill it up with love.
Decide that everything will be okay because if you believe that, it will be.
Clean your room to music – an old idea but you love it and you know it.
If you’re a boy, dress up as a girl and take photos of your beauty.
If you’re a girl, dress up as a boy and take photos of your beauty.
Donate even the smallest amount of money to charity.
Ask somebody if you can take their dog for a walk.
Watch a classic film that you have always wanted to see but never got round to seeing.
Call up an old friend – yes, CALL! – proceed to talk to them with genuine interest for at least an hour.
Open up a savings account for a super summer.
Plan that summer (including room for spontaneity)
Buy a really aesthetically pleasing puzzle and make it. Puzzles are fun. 

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