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Monday, 18 April 2011

Lack of internet connection? Bliss!

This article was written on the 5th April 2011:

Okay, so you might think that our internet provider cutting off our connection because They sent the bill late would be a bad thing (which it sort of is) but not having the internet is actually quite the therapeutic experience. First of all, my producitivty has increased tenfold; since I got home I have tidied up my room slightly (an amazing accomplishment), arranged overdue catch up plans via phone, looked for & subsequently found my handcream, helped my mother thread sewing needles and actually bothered to put a DVD in the disk drive instead of just thinking about it. All things that would not have happened had I have been browsing the worldwideweb. All small and mundane things, granted but I can't tell the number of times I've been meaning to watch a film and not bothered because something exciting is about to happen on Tumblr/Facebook/blahdeblah....funny thing? It never does.

In case you're curious, the film is St Elmo's Fire - a 'bratpack' classic. To all of you ThinkingGirl's who cite Kevin as your dream guy, I salute you.
Furthermore, I feel relaxed and content. Studies and whatnot's show depression to be higher amongst those adolescents who type on social network sites night and day and I understand why. It's a virtual world we live in that isn't genuine or interactive - which I just find sad. As hypocritical as this is, I know most of you agree with me. But hey, the internet's not so bad - you have my blog! What a gift.

Peace out ThinkingGirls.

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  1. I was so depressed by St. Elmo's Fire! Too much angst for me, I guess. I suppose I can best stomach my brat pack for Breakfast (Club), with a topping of Sixteen Candles.

    As far as 80's nostalgia movies, for me, it doesn't get any better than Better Off Dead!