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Monday, 7 March 2011

How to spot a ThinkingGirl

Just like anything in life, there are many variations of a thinker. But luckily stereotypes exist for a reason and can consequently provide Joe Bloggs with a guide of how to spot a ThinkingGirl.

If you are that ThinkingGirl, mentally tick off any of the following that applies to you and if you find more than 5, Congratulations! You're a bonafide geek.

1. Awkwardness. It may not sound like an actual word but it is, and you personify it with your inverted body language, your shifty eyes and your sub-conscious hair touching. Bless you.

2. Glasses. Yes, I went there. Glasses make you hotter and add extra perceived intelligence; where's the bad?

3. Articulation. People who use 'complex' vocabulary to express themselves without relying on colloquialisms, refrains such as 'like' and 'woah' interspersed with a repetitive "d'you know what I mean?" are usually the clever ones.

4. Manners. Those who are 'thinkers' have manners because they realise the importance of being considerate to other people. Leading me onto...

5.Compassion. Women are generally known for their empathetic ability but a ThinkingGirl's desire to fix the world often manifests itself in: a subscription to War Child, volunteering for Crisis and fundraising events for Amnesty International more than their dimmer counterparts.

6. Gamer knowledge. Personally I cannot vouch for this but ask all readers of GirlGamer and players of Fable 3 and I'm sure they'll be the deep & meaningful type. Just with added guy-geek appeal.

7. Guitar-based music. She listens to The Smiths, The Cure and The Libertines? She's a thinker.

8. A penchant for nostalgia. ThinkingGirl's have this silly habit of believing they were simply 'born in the wrong era' so culturally surround themselves with the likes of John Hughes films and David Bowie LP's. What they don't tell her is that women felt just as disenfranchised back then, just in different ways. Nevertheless, she doesn't need telling because the 'thinker' will have worked it out for herself.

9. Typical uniform: tartan-checked shirts, dr martens, converse, black attire, rings, silver jewellery, punk-inspired wristbands, colourful hair, brunette/ginger hair especially, pale skin, slim figure, baggy jeans, greens and blues, substantial lack of make-up and additional tattoos/piercings.

10. She loves fantasy films, science fiction and quirky comedy.

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  1. I am definitely a Thinking Girl! Found a new blog to follow...thank you!