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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It has been so many months

since I have been on here. Let me explain that my sister (29, single, enjoys long walks on the ground...because we don't have any nice beaches in England) moved into my bedroom on June 10th and parked her bed right-smack-bang in the middle! With her she brought her computer and the thought of blogging like a busy bee now that I had stuck it to the man and left my retail job was all too exciting. Sadly my excitement was in vain because everytime I typed out a post, the 'PUBLISH POST' button would decline by acting like it didn't exist. No post for you.
It seems her brand new dell desktop didn't like Blogger and all of it's ramblin' glory. Consequently I have been absent for weeks'n'months'n'whatnot and for this I am sorry.
To make up for this huge hole that was undoubtedly punched into your life, I shall compensate by whoring out my blogging skills like I'm working on the sunset strip. That didn't make sense but neither does life itself so nevermind.

Stay tuned folks.

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